My Fractured Light series depicts the figure as it is distorted and bathed in turbulent water and sunlight. The inspiration came about one late afternoon at the pool with my daughter. I was struck not only by the beauty of the ribbons of sunlight hitting her through the water, but also the way in which the water distorted form, altered skin tone and was endlessly changing.  It was one of those moments of realization that she was growing and changing more quickly than I often notice. For me, this series represents the passing of time - life's journey through youth into maturity and beyond.  Water is the vehicle for transformation, cleansing, renewal and change. Thoughts, aspirations and energy emanate as bubbles and find their way to the outside world. Each figure is captured reacting to a moment in this altered, weightless state.               




This Child’s Play series celebrates the playfulness, beauty and sacred innocence of childhood in quiet contemplation and moments of youthful exuberance.  By employing gestural strokes of color and line, I seek to evoke a sense of child-like "graffiti" and a lightheartedness into the painting. My subjects are no one in particular - they represent every child's innate wisdom and strength. There is a knowingness about these children that I paint. They are old souls.


Portraits hold a special challenge for any artist and it is a challenge that I truly enjoy. The individual characteristics of each human face are limitless and exciting to capture on a two dimensional surface. My goal is not only to achieve a true likeness, but to capture an essence of the subject in the portrait – a certain twinkle in the eye, a familiar glance, that candid smile that comes through to those who know them best. I am happy to discuss doing a commissioned portrait. Please feel free to contact me through this web site.